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cracow hostelCracow hostel does not have to be asociated with expensive rooms in the city centre that are available only for the reachest people. The Good Bye Lenin - Revolution Hostel is the unique place in Cracow. Here is welcome every person that wants to visit Cracow and likes the calm and silent atmosphere in its living place. It does not mean that we are located on the suburbs or in the village. We are placed in the centre of Cracow. Hostel Good Bye Lenin is located next to the most recognizible and attractive places in the one of the oldest cities in Poland. Good communication allows to get to every part of the city. Even though we are placed in the centre of Cracow, our guests can enjoy the silence and the quiet that will for sure help to relax after the whole day (or night) sightseeing, grooving or taking part in many events such as concerts, performances and parties. Our big advantage is the high standard of the amacommodation and low prices. We care about the convenience of our guests staying in our hostel.

2017-04-12 | Kategoria: Wczasy

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