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brasiliansk voksing osloMakia is one of the most recognizible and known beauy medicine saloons. The big competences and hihest level of cosmetic services caused the growing attention of many people that need the professional help in improving their look. We can make many beauty medicine treatments, for example the Brazilian waxing (brasiliansk voksing). Oslo is the city where is our headquarters. We are the professional firm and always take care about the convenience and contentment or our patients. The highest level of the services is provided by us, thanks to the most modern equipment, which we use every day. Moreover, all our employees are the good specialists that earned the huge knowledge. We can guarantee the properly and being in line with customers expectations done cosmetic treatments, such as Brazilian waxing (brasiliansk voksing). Oslo is the big city, where many people want to look better and they are intersted in many cosmetic and beauty medicine treatments treatments. We invite everybody to contact with us.

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